About The OneHive Family

Dissatisfied with the clan wars mentality of their previous clan, the founders of OneHive left it to create a more structured and competitive environment. If you are wondering why you should join to become a part of that environment, keep reading below.

The OneHive Family of Clans are clans that were established for the hardcore gamer, the pvp in us all, the ones who are dedicated to their craft. Sick and tired of all the casual gamer’s who drag you down and can’t follow simple rules? So were we! So we decided to create the OneHive Family – three clans which cater to those who not only take clashing seriously, but who strive for perfection in Clan Wars!  We are a group of like-minded players who use strategic planning, close coordination and top notch raiding ability to swarm our enemies. We work together as one for the good of the Hive, and relentlessly attack our enemies as a single unit giving them no chance to survive.

We left our previous clan due to inactive leadership! We left behind a 4-0 CW record to create a brighter future for ourselves as we now govern ourselves. As demand increased over time, one of the founding members, NeMoDoSeZ, decided to create OneHive 2.0. Both OneHive & OneHive 2.0 are regarded as sister clans – both striving to be at the top of their war game.

We are generally around the alliance cap, so how will you join – you may wonder? Well, the answer is simple; We are always looking for top players from all over the world. Near max/max troops is what the majority of our members posses.
Top donators can range from 5-10k per cycle.

We currently are at about 20k-24k+ as a clan but can push to around 30k+.

Why Should I Join? 

We’re very active; chat is always busy and clan wars are back-to-back
Donations are frequent and top-tier; the highest donators are often in the range of 5 to 10 thousand per season
We communicate; members discuss clan wars strategies, attack plans, and help each other improve
We have our own forums and website for coordinating clan wars, and two growing YouTube channel’s, OneHive Raids & OneHive Labs, highlighting war raids, base breakdowns, and advanced raiding techniques & more!

To Join, You Must Possess The Following Qualities:

Loyalty: We are not looking for people who will leave at the first sign of difficulty. If you wish to become part of the OneHive family, you must be willing to stick with us through the thick and thin. Clan hoppers will not be tolerated.

Activity: We are looking to create a hardcore player base – players who log on only once a day and neglect their villages will be kicked.

We are a group of guys and girls that likes to use adult language and discuss mature content. If you are underage, or easily offended, don’t join

Drive: After all, Clash of Clans is a war game. To become a member of OneHive, you must spiritedly seek to improve yourself in-game and prove your dedication to the craft

Please Note: It is important to realize that OneHive & its sister clan OneHive 2.0 are just that, sister clans. OneHive 2.0 is NOT a feeder clan to OneHive. When looking at each clan, they are both regarded as being on the same level – in terms of War Clans. Keep this in mind when deciding on which clan to apply for. If you are accepted into OneHive 2.0, there is no way (or reason) to want to “move-up” to OneHive (1.0) – as both clans are regarded as equal sister clans. Thank you!

Introducing OneHive Alpha – a TH7/TH8 War Clan


Who Are We?

noun \ăl′fə\
:the first of a series; the beginning.

OneHive Alpha is one of the newest additions to the OneHive family. It is the home and barracks of our future beastly raiders, who are currently at the earlier stages of Clash. It is the haven where you will meet nascent, like-minded war enthusiasts.

OneHive, OneHive 2.0, OneHive Invicta and OneHive Genesis stopped recruitment of TH8s and below; however, we understand that there are talented, dedicated raiders that we are potentially missing out on due to this policy. Alpha is a means to find those raiders.

Who Are You?

1. You are a bloodthirsty war enthusiast. You are currently at TH7 or TH8, love to war, and want to learn more about the intricacies of Clash’s mechanics.

2. You are a hardcore strategist. You immerse yourself in Clash to discover, learn, and hone your craft.

3. You are dedicated. You farm hard on preparation day, and war harder on battle day. We expect all of Alpha to continue developing at a rapid rate, with the goal of being able to eventually reach TH9 and beyond.

4. You are a quick learner and a student of the game. You study war replays, analyze attacks, and determine why and how an attack succeeds or fails. You scour and and all information to this end, whether it’s on YouTube, the Supercell forums, or in clan chat. You are always willing to learn and have an open ear for criticism and suggestions.

5. You are an adult (17+) with a good sense of humor. You are respectful towards your peers and can handle mature discussion.

What Should You Expect?

1. Constant wars – Constant wars. The war cool down timer will always be on your profile, because you will be in constant wars.

2. Advice – OneHive has always engendered a classroom/learning environment. Your fellow clan mates will advise you on what they have learned from their experiences.

3. Friendly Environment – Friendly environment. OneHive believes a strong war clan is cultivated by a community of friends that push each other to succeed.

4. Filled Clan Castle – Frequent donations. OneHive has always held “request all you want” and “donate all you can” policies.

What Will Happen To You When You Advance?

After you have maxed TH8 and are ready to evolve into TH9? OneHive Alpha will assist and amply prepare you for the new challenges TH9 presents. Therefore you will remain in OneHive Alpha until your offensive capabilities and attack strategies meet the criteria that other OneHive Clans require, you will then be phased into the required OneHive Clan.

*Players looking to join OneHive 2.0 but have yet to meet the minimum requirements, may be directed to OneHive Invicta/Swarm.