Bowser 8 – Master of Puppets [TH8]

Bowser 8 – Adaptable Farm and Defense Layout for Town Hall 8
Bowser 8 – The Bigger, Badder Giant Killer

TH8 Layout for adaptation as a Farming or Trophy or Hybrid base. 

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PLEASE NOTE: War base layouts do not show traps/bombs. This is to protect the players who decide to use this base. Please PM BigC217 & request War layouts. Thank you.
Trophy (now with 3 trap variations):
Farm (now with 3 trap variations):
War (note traps not displayed in photo please PM for trap placement stating war or village)
Defense logs (note for most there were between 2-3 defenses upgrading and wiz / rcher in cc)
Full Defense Log showing over 25 defense logs – mainly good ones some not so good, and a few from each direction N, W, E, & S.

How this base works?

In TH8, you have 3 main enemies: TH9’s with lvl 6 barchers and giants; other strong TH8’s with lvl 5 troops but sometimes with great skill and strategy, and potentially courageous TH7s or if your storages or cup levels are high even some TH10s.

For any of these would-be attackers to be successful they have developed an attack plan along the lines of:

1. Draw out your clan castle
2. Deal with your hero
3. Pick off your Splash
4. Wipe out your storage

Enter Bowser8. Named for the arch villain in Mario Bros. this base has taken the mind control techniques he honed in TH7 and amped them up with additional traps, a 4th mortar, stronger defenses and symmetry North South and East West. In short, this base is a booby trap.

Firstly it will divide the enemy, then it will control the enemy then it will drag him defenseless over traps and into the face of splash damage.

Here is how it deals with the attack plan above:

1. Draw out your clan castle – Not possible

Clan castle is 100% concealed within Bowser8’s walls. You can’t draw the cc with anything less than giants or hogs, and proper trap placement means wbs are picked off and the jagged wall design makes it difficult for wbs to all agree on the same target. 1 giant or 1 hog will be picked off by traps prior to full cc trigger and what usually happens as shown in the video, is they think they have drawn the full cc, deploy the full troop only to watch their 15-20 giants or hogs picked off by the other half of the cc that wasn’t drawn initially.

2. Deal with your hero – – Not possible

Your hero is 100% concealed and under coverage of splash and point damage – so firstly not an easy target, and secondly located centrally and at the end of funnel runs to pick off the troops that make it past the traps.

3. Pick off your Splash
 – Very difficult

Your splash is positioned behind evenly spaced point damage turrets, has its own walls, is positioned next to storage for distraction and has a wide trap funnel running in front of it to draw troops in circular motion away from the core.

4. Wipe out your storage
 – Very difficult

Your storage is located in front of and next to your splash with a centralised cc in the middle. Specifically, high level triangulated wizard towers directly behind your storage is your best chance of preventing barcher and goblin raids, while the funnelling system will direct meatshields away from the storage leaving raiding troops exposed.

On to the other defense mechanisms:

1. Units with no favourite targets will go merry-go-round at least twice. Once at deployment as they move from one evenly spaced external building to the next. The second time will be once they enter the funnel. I will be very unpleasantly surprised if any make it off the merry-go round, and if they do they will be met either by an angry Hero, or triangulated splash or better yet, quadrangulated splash in the form of Mortar fire.

2. Giants that are deployed above the midpoint are toast. They will enter the channel of death, their AI driving them towards the defensive targets where they will be picked off by splash damage and traps.

3. There are sufficient spring traps to throw 18 giants if the entire channel is utilised.

4. If they make it North to the killing field, then the Barbarian King awaits them.

5. As an added benefit their healers will be drawn directly in front of air defense while the player watches on helpless.

6. Wall breakers will be used to break the channel and to get to the core, but point damage defense and midget bombs will pick them off, as the multiple corner design slows them down in selecting the desired target. In most cases wall breakers will simply make an additional channel entry rather than breaking through to the core which will mean access to the spring straps will be sped up and duration of attack will be decreased.

7. Attack from the south is an option, but proper wizard tower triangulation couple with the spacing of point defense and core walls and an internal south placed tesla make it a risky option.

How attacks progress on this base ?

Case I : North Attack – making an entrance from the north with WallBreakers to breach the core. 10-15% attempted. 25-40% success.

Usually attackers from the north start with Barcher and try to wipe out the northern channel and the barbarian king.What actually happens is the barcher go merry go round, get split in half with one half ending up at the West Entrance and the other at the East Entrance both to be picked off by point damage, splash damage and bombs (in this scenario the internal placed giant bombs set back from the channel mouth can take out 20-30 barcher in one go).

Case II : South Attack – making an entrance from south with WallBreakers to breach the extended core. 5% attempted. 30% success.

These attacks are generally the most successful at breaching the core, however, they sustain heavy casualties if they are Barcher, and Giants will end up split and lured into the East and West Channel entries – and we already know what happens from there. Typically the player will start with the plan of barching the externals and deploying giants, but when the barchers move left and right instead of forward and the giants start moving off with them towards the channels, they will excitedly start dumping wallbreakers in a mad rush, by now the giant bombs will have the barchers and traps will have the giants, the wizards and bombs will have the hogs and the mortars will have the wizards.

Case III : East and West Attack – Attempt to exploit “the weak spot” and get in through the open channel with wbs and open up the core.80-90% attempted. 0-10% success.

These attacks always go horribly wrong, and will require at least 12 wbs to pull off. As soon as the first few wbs are released the player will note the problem, with the multiple corners, wbs will rarely choose the same target as one another, leading to weakened walls but not holes. Even if they make a hole, it just makes it easier for the melee troops to enter the channel of death and progress quickly to the killing field by the time the wbs have made it to the core, there will be no troops left to follow them. See the video for further information. In short, if East or West, or even better for you, East and West deployment is selected, put the game on the table and reach for the popcorn, it will get bloody and messy, just the way we like it.

There are multiple layout choices for your resources or your trophies. I prefer that you put one storage next to each mortar, your dark elixir in the core, and 2 storage of opposing kind in the south. You can also put them in the core, in a vault setup as a last line of defence scenario but it’s not my preference. But, importantly, this is a trial and error, adaptable base layout, within 2 nights rest you will find what works best. If I put it all in here your revenge and war enemies will know everything they need which isn’t good for any of us. So this isn’t the base for your if you want spoon feeding or set and forget. If you follow the basics, an attacker will get a small amount of both primary resources and no dark elixir, a larger amount of a single resource, or trophies. But TH9s with Barcher or Giant configurations are unlikely to walk away with both resource and trophies from this design.

Trophy Range
I have had lots of success up to Crystal 2, I have spent over a week in Crystal 3 and never been 3 starred the whole time, and lost minimal resource in most. The main purpose of this base, is to protect your resources or trophies from lazy TH8 and 9 raids, while you make the most of the close proximity of TH7s in gold 3, 2 and 1, as you max your defenses and troops and save for the long jump to th9 yourself. Which is why adaptable bases are best for th8 as you are going to be here for a while, or jump too early and leave the game in frustration.

Clan Castle
With a larger than normal vault in Bowser 8 you have the ability to keep your TH and CC in the core, and deep enough that the CC cannot be pulled without extreme force. Keep your castle filled with archers and wizards for trophy and farming and you will catch out your attackers from the ground. Keep a dragon for war to ward off hogs.

1. Plenty of variations for trophy and resource set ups
2. Massive Funnel for giants with two trapped entries, and multiple traps throughout.
3. 100% centralized CC
4. 100% concealed hero
5. Quadrangulated mortar
6. Triangulated wizard and AD
7. Looks too hard for TH7s and 8s and should deter them from attacking.
4. Oversized vault area large enough for TH, CC, resources and last line of defense.
5. Healers will be drawn directly over Air Defenses as they follow their funneled giants.
6. Set up to control all melee troop movements based on targeting and AI weaknesses.

Best of luck with this layout, and feel free to ask any questions. I accept that nothing is ever perfect, but based on your feedback I will inspect and adapt tirelessly.

Shout out to the users of Bowser 7 your feedback is always appreciated.
Shout out to my clan Warriors Unlmtd, clanmates Neeraj12345 and Sanichori for their help and KishorKundan (Dark Defendum), and AmazingSuraj from Mystic Warriors for their testing in the early days.
Shout out to the original Mantis layout that forms the foundation of the Bowser 7 design from which Bowser 8 was developed.

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 Bowser 8 – Master of Puppets [TH8]