In this guide, I will go over everything you need to know to be successful with this strategy. This includes army composition, matchmaking, and how to deploy. If you have any questions or concerns after reading the guide, please feel free to shoot me a pm or ask me in the comments

“What is ‘GoWiWi?'”
GoWiWi is a very powerful troop composition that many top players in Clash of Clans are using. If done correctly, you can achieve 2 stars on literally ANY base. As Chief Pat (PlayClashofClans) stated, “GoWiWi is the most consistent high level attack strategy the game has ever seen…” So, what does it consist of? Golems/Witches/Wizards are the core of the composition. Barbarians and Archers are sprinkled in for luring purposes as well as Wallbreakers to keep your army running strong throughout the base. You will usually want 3 golems, 4 Witches, 5-7 Barbarians, 10-15 Archers, 12-22 Wallbreakers, and 10-15 Wizards.

GoWiWi Attack Strategy

As you can see here, i have 3 Golems but only 10 Wizards. This is because at Town Hall 9, you have reduced army camp space compared to at Town Hall 10. To combat this, you need to either have a Golem or 5 Wizards in your Clan Castle. I usually take 15 Wizards with 2 Golems (+1 in Clan Castle) because my Golems are only lvl 1 right now.

Choosing the “Right” Base to Attack
When looking for the base you want to attack, you need to think the opposite compared to if you are attacking with Hogs. With Hogs, you try to find the most compact base, with defenses close together. With GoWiWi, you want an open, spread out base so your Golems and Skeletons have room to breathe.


This base does have 3 wall segments guarding the Town Hall, however there are no intersecting sections. This will give my Wallbreakers an EXTREMELY easy time breaking in. Also, you can see that both heros, as well as the Clan Castle, are on the outside of the base giving me an easy time luring.

I decided to give spells their own section, because there are actually quite a few things you can do here. When attacking with GoWiWi, Lightning, Rage, Jump, and Freeze spells will all work. It comes down to personal preference and what you think will work best. You generally only want to run jump when using mass Witches (8-14). At Town Hall 9, I’d suggest running 1 Lightning and 3 Rage. At Town Hall 10, I’d suggest running 1 Lightning, 2 Rage, and 2 Freeze (for infernos).

GoWiWi Attack Strategy

The Lightning Spell is for taking out CC troops and the Rage is for breaking through to the Town Hall
Here’s the big one. Now that you know the basics, its time to talk about the most important part: deployment.
The first step in any successful raid is to lure out the heros and clan castle troops. You can do this by either dropping a barbarian or archer in their vicinity.Next, you want to bring the heros to the side you would like to attack from. For me, it always feels natural going in from the bottom (lol) so thats what i did here. Once they reach the bottom, you want to place down a few Archers and Barbs in their face, followed by Witches in the very corner. Once the Witches are down, drop a few Wizards (3-4) right on top of them to help deal with the BK.

Once you are sure that both heros have been destroyed, its time to bring in your golems. This is usually the most tricky part because so many things are going on at once. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it right on your first try, it takes practice. Once you do it a few times, it will become second nature. You start by placing down one Golem at a time on either the right or left side. The base will usually dictate how far apart you want your Golems to be. Here i started on the right side.

Drop 1 Golem, followed by 2-3 Wallbreakers (however many you need to break the wall), and then a line of 6-7 wizards. You want to repeat this same step on the opposite side as well, so all the outside buildings are cleared away. What this will do is makes a clear path for your Witches, Wizards, and Heros to go for the center of the base. Your final Golem will go down in the middle where your Witches are. You want to place this one down as soon as it looks like defenses are going to target the Witches.

(PLEASE NOTE: The middle Golem may need to be placed down before the one on the opposite side in some cases.)