Who Are We?

noun \ăl′fə\
:the first of a series; the beginning.

OneHive Alpha is the newest addition to the OneHive family. It is the home and barracks of our future beastly raiders, who are currently at the earlier stages of Clash. It is the haven where you will meet nascent, like-minded war enthusiasts.

OneHive, OneHive 2.0, OneHive Invicta and OneHive Genesis stopped recruitment of TH8s and below; however, we understand that there are talented, dedicated raiders that we are potentially missing out on due to this policy. Alpha is a means to find those raiders.


Who Are You?

1. You are a blood thirsty war enthusiast. You are currently a TH7 or TH8 who loves war and knows and/or is dying to know all of the intricacies of CoC’s mechanics.

2. You are a hardcore strategist. You immerse yourself in Clash to discover, learn, and practice all of its mechanics and troop uses.

3. You are a die-hard gamer. You farm hard on preparation and war hard on battle day (more than 10+ raids won per day). We expect all of Alpha to continue developing at a rapid rate, with the goal of being able to eventually reach TH9 and beyond.

4. You are a quick learner and devoted student. You study war replays and analyze every attack to determine what and why an attack succeeds or fails. You scour any and all resources for information (YouTube, SC forums, clanmates, etc.) You are always willing to learn and have an open ear to criticism and suggestion.

5. You are a respectful adult with a sense of humor (ages 17+). You may believe that respect is earned, but not given; however, you must be RESPECTFUL to all. You can also handle adult discussion with maturity.

What should you expect?

1. Constant wars – your profile will ALWAYS be on cool down for the war timer because you will be in constant battles.

2. Advice – OneHive has always engendered a classroom/learning atmosphere. Your fellow clanmates will advise you on what they have learned from their experiences.

3. Friendly Environment – OneHive believes a strong war clan is cultivated by a community of friends that push each other to excel.

4. Filled Clan Castle – OneHive has always held a request all you want and donate all you can policy.

What will happen to you when you advance?

After you have maxed TH8 and are ready to evolve into TH9, Alpha will assist and amply prepare you for the new challenges TH9 presents. Therefore you will remain in OneHive Alpha until your offensive capabilities and attack strategies meet the criteria that other OneHive clans require, you will then be phased into OneHive, OneHive 2.0, OneHive Invicta or OneHive Genesis.