The Ultimator – TH9 Farming Base

If you are attacked with air attacks 50% of all attacks on you then try to switch mortars with air defenses, like this:
– storages are protected well by wiz towers and mortars
– a lot of empty places ( you can change the position of traps if you want. They are well placed
for me). Attacker don’t know where the traps are placed.
– central CC, its unlurable with giants ( they must brake the wall )
– there is no X junctions, but it’s some T junctions but they can’t be deadly for your base)
– DE is well protected by teslas. If attacker attacking from south then Heroes pull troops away from DE storage (skeleton traps works well right next to DE storage – they pull troops away from DE storage)
– 2 maybe too exposed Elixir storages
– mass drag or baloonion can be deadly for you because air defenses are a bit too exposed.
-You can change mortars with air defenses ( in higher legaues ).
– The base is maybe too weak on north side (only one archer tower there) but with heroes in defense you shouldn’t have any problems
NOTE: I never used this base with Heroes in defense. All defense logs are without heroes in defense so your base should work even better. I recommend lvl 8 walls + for using this base.
Defense Logs: (TH snipes shared as well – to show rarity of actual attacks on base per day)
 The Ultimator – TH9 Farming Base